The basic punches of boxing: the attack!

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There are many benefits of these disciplines , which get a complete body work, an agile musculature and a good cardiovascular work. In order for you to go into work today we explain the technique of the four basic punches of boxing , on guard!

  • Jab: is the hit with greater range of the basics, and one of the most used because it allows us to distance ourselves from the opponent while keeping the guard well. The jab or direct left consists of giving a punch with the left hand (if we are right-handed) by extending the elbow quickly parallel to the ground, and retracting it to its initial position quickly. At the same time that we extend the elbow we must perform a slight rotation of the hip, which will help us to print more force to the blow and that it is done in front.
  • Cross or direct: it is the most used hit, more powerful than the jab since it is executed with the right hand. The technique is very similar to that of the jab, only that in this case the blow starts from the back (if we are right-handed, our right leg should be behind). At the same time that we extend the arm to hit, we transfer the weight from the back leg to the front one , which allows us to rotate the right foot on the tip and thus perform a small hip rotation.
  • Uppercut or upper: one of the most spectacular hits, if done with the right force. In this case the blow part of the right hand and from below: a blow is executed in vertical direction that goes directly to the jaw of the opponent . To perform this blow we must help ourselves with a slight extension of the knees, with which we hit with all the strength of our torso.
  • Crochet: it is done with the right hand, and it is a lateral blow aimed at the head of the opponent . It is a strong blow, but slower than the jab or the corss for the trajectory of the arm. It can be done with both hands, but the most typical is the right crochet, which is always accompanied by a hip rotation. It can also be done directed to the lower part of the body (towards the kidneys), for which it is important to bend the knees (do not lean forward).

Remember that the hand that does not hit should always be on guard(protecting the face at chin level approximately), and that the blows should be quick and the striking hand should return quickly to the initial guard position.

In the following video you can see the technique of the four strokes.

Who is encouraged to try some kind of boxing this year?

Image | Thinkstock
Video | Alberto Villa

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