Basics of flawless makeup remover

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Each of us does this, but are we all able to take it without a mistake? I think not. Personally, many of my friends had problems with proper makeup removal. While doing it, it is worth paying attention to a few issues, which often escape us somewhere.However, you must remember that thanks to the good makeup removal it will be able to make your skin work easier during the night and make it look fantastic in the whole day. Most often, not many of us attach great importance to it and do it in a hurry, so that on our face later we can see blackheads, and in many cases later blackheads, or pimples. However, you should not give up on it, even if you do not paint too bluntly. This is due to the fact that after a day on the skin you will find dust, sweat and tallow, so to ensure that the pores can breathe freely, it is worth cleaning. Thanks to the commandments you will find here, you will be able to perform this procedure without any major problems.

Suitable remover for the right skin

Modern cosmetics have this in mind that they not only are responsible for washing the skin, but also are able to properly care for, moisturize, oil, or completely the opposite, that is, cause it to be more dull. In case you have dry skin, it is worth you to choose a milk or cream that will be able to lightly lubricate the skin, a good choice will also be foam or gel. Try to choose preparations that include, among others, vegetable oils or hyaluronic acid. Sensitive skin should be cleaned using a hypoallergenic cleaner with a slightly oily consistency. Mixed, oily, seborrheic skin should be washed by a gel or foam to oily skin. The cosmetic will remove excess sebum, remove enlarged pores and prevent the skin from shining.

A micellar liquid will also be a great product for removing make-up. This type of cosmetic will contain micelles, i.e. microscopic beads, which have been built on the basis of amphiphilic molecules, which can be attributed to the purifying properties of these substances. These types of particles may also have two ends, one that will have hydrophilic properties, i.e. will attract water, and repels fats, and when it comes to the second it will have hydrophobic properties, i.e. will repel water and attract fats. Due to the characteristic arrangement of the hydrophobic part inwards and the hydrophilic part outside in a perfectly perfect way, they will be able to remove impurities and too much sebum, as a result of which the hydrolipid layer of the epidermis will not be disturbed.

Double washing during the day

Remember that before you decide to pat the cream for the day, try to refresh the skin first with milk, gel or foam, or use boiled water and tonic for this. In the evening, try to make a thorough make-up remover, so that the skin will be able to breathe fully. It is obvious that you will not be able to put a face cream on your face, because in this case you will be welcomed in the morning with red skin or swollen eyes.

Rubbing the skin

You do not have to rub the skin, trust me. The only thing you should do is lightly massage it with your hands, thanks to which the accumulated impurities on the skin will simply dissolve. When removing the lipstick, roll circles. If you want to wash your cheeks, do it from the wings of the nose to the temples, chin and neck, while doing circular movements, and wash your forehead using vertical movements towards the hair. Focus on places where you can find a lot of blackheads.

Lots of eyes

The skin under the eyes and eyelids should be cleaned using a preparation specifically designed for eye makeup removal. If you want to use water-resistant ink, choose to use two-phase liquid. The oil placed in the water will be able to overcome even the most problematic cosmetics. The specifics for sensitive eyes will also be perfectly perfect, they will gently cleanse, being very accurate and will not dry the skin. When washing, do it slowly. Apply the cotton pad for a few seconds, then wash the ink and shadows very gently and move the petal from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. Repeat the entire process several times.

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