Can you cure cold in three days?

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You do not feel well, but there is no other way out and you have to be in good shape for some time? If your infection has not started yet, remember that you still have some time to recover. Apply a few tried and tested home methods that quickly put you on your feet.

The first alarming signal that the infection of the upper respiratory tract is approaching is primarily catarrh, fever, sore throat and a possible cough. Everyone knows exactly how these symptoms look, because colds are a disease that affects basically almost all people on earth and statistically visits us three times a year. In most cases, children struggle with it, and the elderly are very rare, because their immune system provides protection for many different types of viruses that are responsible for the formation of a cold, and this type of virus is also 200. If you care about the infection you will need viruses that are able to get to your mouth or nose through the airway, or because of dirty hand.

Doctors explain that many infections usually occur in the period from autumn to spring, and this is because it is in this period that in most cases, it is in confined spaces, and this is able to carry germs. There is another hypothesis that the upper respiratory tract infection in this period has such amazing conditions, due to the fact that due to cold air and temperature fluctuations, the human body becomes very weak and, as a result, leads to the fact that one has to dealing with changes in the nasal mucosa. In this situation, the man becomes almost defenseless when it comes to virus attacks. As a matter of fact, the body is able to cope with them perfectly in just between 7 and 10 days, but it also happens that the disease is able to last for three weeks. So what should you do to prevent this from happening? There are several ways that you can help here.

Napar infusion

You can make it using dried herbs, or tablespoons of elderberry, chamomile and lime. If you want, you can also use a few carnations and cinnamon. You must pour boiling water for 15 minutes. After everything is drained, drink a hot brew, adding honey to it. Remember that if you drink a warming drink then you should lie down to bed for at least one day, so that the nasty disease will finally come out of you. :Diet

Lemon and tea with electricity

This method may be slightly different from many other ways, because you need to boil half a liter of water, adding 2 cups of sugar to it. At the moment when the syrup will cool down then you have to add juice from three lemons and what’s interesting – half a liter of spirit! Put this “drink” into a dark bottle and put on the cork. When you wait a week you will be able to see how the health properties of your product look and just add a glass of this syrup to your tea, then drink.

Remember, however, that alcohol will not kill germs, but only what it will be able to contribute to alleviate the symptoms of infection, because it is able to improve blood circulation and humor. However, you need to know that it is diuretic, and when fighting a cold, you need to be properly hydrated all the time.

Choose a bubble

Due to the vacuum from small vessels, not enough blood will be sucked into the subcutaneous tissue. The body will be able to treat it as a foreign body, so it will start to stimulate the immune system to fight. Cups should be placed on the back, on muscular places, on which there is a layer of fat. It should be removed after a quarter of an hour. It is extremely important that the patient stays in bed for the next 24 hours in warmth and in bed.

As for the action of the bubbles, in principle, the principle is identical and it does not matter whether they are glass or rubber.

Parsley for coughing problems

If you are affected by the problem of excessive cough, before you go to sleep it is worth being a glass of decoction of 200 g parsley root, which is boiled for one hour in a liter of water.

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