We choose good running shoes for the type of foot

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If you want to start running, do not forget to choose the right footwear. On sale there are many models of different brands, so as a beginner you can have a problem with choosing the right one for your kind of foot. We advise you on what to pay special attention during shopping!

When choosing a running shoe, the most important thing is to be comfortable, fit and ensure safety. The more advanced ones, which are equipped with special systems, are also able to help in the pursuit of even better results – they are well-cushioned and springy, so running with them is even more enjoyable than in regular footwear.

The choice will not be limited only to selecting the appropriate size, but also a number of other factors will have to be taken into account to ensure that the rate is stable. When choosing running shoes, usually the first time we encounter new terms, namely neutral, pronating and supinating feet. What does it mean?

Types of feet – neutral, pronating and supinujące
The above types of feet are primarily divided in terms of the behavior of the foot after stepping on the ground. This is related to its shock absorption, which is why properly selected shoes for the pronating, supinating or neutral foot improve its protection against excessive shocks and thus reduce the risk of injuries.

The promotion rate is based on the inner side after stepping – each of us has generally more or less pronation, but when it is quite large, choose the right shoes. Pronation is often combined with flat feet and low instep. Therefore, pronator footwear has adequate support on the inside, so that the feet do not tilt too much inside while running.

In turn, the supinator foot overstays its outer edge during the step. It is usually connected with high instep and excessive rigidity, which causes too much shock to the feet. Runners with a supine foot should choose shoes with strong cushioning.

The neutral feet, in turn, make the correct movements while running and evenly distribute the weight across the entire foot from the heel until breaking. In this case, cushioning shoes are also recommended, which, however, do not need to have an additional foot stabilizer.

Which brand to choose? 
Here, everything depends on you – today every self-respecting footwear manufacturer has in its assortment a model for all types of foot. The most popular sports shoes include Adidas, Nike and Asics. In particular, the latter company has many satisfied customers who appreciate the reliability and affordable prices of its footwear. Asics is chosen both by beginner runners and also by people who already have many years of experience in this field.

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