How does the diet affect the skin?

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Few of us approach health or beauty related issues through the prism of what you eat. Very much begins to think about such things only when something actually happens. The truth is that what does not affect only health, well-being, but also how it looks. I have often found out how important it is to me and my skin. Most of us decide to use creams, masks and many preparations to improve our appearance, but the diet is probably the most important of all of this. I have decided that I will share with you several types of food, which I use in the fight for a great look.

Italian nuts

Hardly anyone realizes that they are not the only great, tasty snack to munch, but they are really health. Walnuts contain a large amount of omega-3 acids, that is essential fatty acids, which are able to improve the elasticity of your skin. Walnuts also have a lot of copper and minerals that are responsible for the increased amount of collagen. If you are a person who fears that nuts will cause you to get fat, you should not worry about it, you do not have to eat them with handfuls, two or three a day are enough for you. Do it systematically and you will see that it will bring specific results.

Vegetable oils and marine fish

Fats again, but believe that because of the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, this type of food will let your skin really breathe. Unsaturated fatty acids are components of cell membranes and help to speed up skin regeneration. Thanks to this, it gains a lot of resistance, especially when it comes to resistance to external factors and mainly concerns such issues as the negative impact of UV rays, which excess can cause the acceleration of aging processes.

Sea fish should be in your diet, especially if your skin is dry or susceptible to allergies. Omega-3 acids have an anti-inflammatory effect, reduce irritation, redness and swelling. Therefore, try to eat as many sardines, mackerel, herring or wild salmon as possible. Omega-3 acids can also be found in vegetable oils, but also in walnuts and egg yolks.


Blueberries contain a very large amount of antioxidants, and through a large amount of anthocyanins, which gives them this specific color, they strongly work in an antioxidant way. In addition, blueberries also have selenium and zinc, thanks to which hair and nails obtain a healthy and beautiful appearance. In blueberries you can also find phytoestrogens, which are characterized by a rejuvenating, moisturizing, elasticizing effect and improve skin color.


According to the opinion of some doctors, all women who consume regularly green and yellow vegetables have fewer wrinkles around their eyes. According to research, carotenoids, or antioxidants that can be found in both yellow and orange vegetables, reduce skin sensitivity to the sun. To provide a daily amount of these nutrients, just one glass of sliced ​​peppers is enough. I personally recommend it myself because it is really good as a snack.

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