We dismantled the great myths of weight training for women

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Although every day we are more women who choose to train with weights , either in a home gym or in a fitness room, the truth is that the fitness room is still unexplored territory for many. And in most cases it’s due to false beliefs like “if I play a dumbbell I’m going to be like Thor” or simply because of lack of information.

To clarify concepts and the great myths that circulate around weight training in women, today we bring you this video in which we explain why strength training in women is more than necessary and a few reasons for you, women, spend more time in the fitness room .

“Cardio is better than weight-bearing weights”

Hours, hours, hours and more hours spent on the treadmill looking to lose weight or “burn the burger that I’ve eaten over the weekend” should come to an end. We are not saying that cardiovascular training is useless ( because the truth is that it benefits our health in many ways ) or that it does not burn calories (which obviously burns them, like any other physical or sports activity). But choosing only and only doing cardio is a serious mistake if we are looking to lose weight.

Strength training, accompanied by a diet appropriate to our needs, will allow us to create muscle mass that, as we have said on previous occasions, is the best “fat-burning” that exists . Muscle mass requires energy to stay “alive”: that is, it consumes calories simply by being there. No carnitine or fat-burning supplementdoes that.

“If I train with weights I’m going to be like Thor”

We dismantled the great myths of weight training for women
Nope, it does not work like that

“I do not want to see myself as a man” or “as soon as I play a pair of dumbbells my shoulders get like coconuts” are two of the most heard phrases when we suggest that a girl should train with weights. We explained it in the video and we already explained it at the time in another article especially dedicated to it , but let’s go once again: the lower amount of testosterone that we have in relation to men makes muscle growth more complicated .

In this regard, I will tell you an anecdote that happened to me in a presentation in which our best lifter was: Lydia Valentín . During the presentation we were able to talk with her for a while, and I did not miss the opportunity to ask her to send a message to all those women who think that training with weights will be “big” . Valentín told me that “to be as I am, I have to train eight hours a day and follow a very strict diet: training one hour a day with weights does not make you have this physical”. There are no further questions, Your Honor.

“If I train with weights I’m going to hurt myself and I’m going to injure myself”

We dismantled the great myths of weight training for women

Well, it depends, like everything, but this is not exclusive to weight training: you can also injure yourself when going for a run or when taking a bad position on the spinning bike . The most important thing when training with weights, especially if you are a beginner, is that you know well the technique of the exercises that you are going to carry out: this, added to a good warm up and mobilization of the joints and to the election of a correct weight is what is going to guarantee that you do not get injured.

What’s more, strength training can help you recover from previous injuries and protect you from future injuries . Enjoying good muscle tone will help us protect the joints that tend to suffer more in other sports, such as running : well-trained legs with strength exercises will protect our knees, the usual weak point of the runners .

“Training with weights is only useful if you want to be a bodybuilder”

We dismantled the great myths of weight training for women

On the contrary: strength training is important both to improve in other sports (as we said above, in running, for example) and even to improve our overall health. In the case of women it is especially important when it comes to reducing the chances of suffering from osteoporosis : the stimulation of strength training improves bone density , especially in women.

“Training with weights I will not have a female body”

We dismantled the great myths of weight training for women

You may not hear the words “body recomposition” , but they are very important if your goal when training is aesthetic. The “body recomposition” is, basically, losing fat and gaining muscle (which is what we seek most when training) at the same time. And this is achieved with strength training and some cardio ( especially HIIT ).

To achieve this goal of losing fat and gain muscle, it is necessary to base training, especially in multi-joint exercises performed with free weights (basic training such as squats , deadlifts …), in addition to taking care of food. Far from achieving a male body, what is achieved with this method is to accentuate the forms of the female body .

These are just some of the great myths about strength training in women that we hope to have clarified for you today. Girls, lose the fear of the weights : they have many more benefits than you think and will help you achieve your goals.

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