Galician clams with cachelos. Lenten and Easter Week Recipe

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During this time of year, we try to reduce the consumption of meat dishes and try to increase the dishes with seasonal fish such as cod and other stews. In this line, today we are going to prepare some Galician clams with cachelos, a recipe for Lent and Holy Week that we love at home.

I recognize that this is not an economic dish , since the Galician potatoes and the clams of Galicia are much more expensive than the common potatoes or the clams of culture or the cheap chirlas, at least when you live in outside the Community of Galicia.

However, from time to time it is worth giving ourselves a joy and turning this humble dish into a special dish, for the happiness of our families. In addition, as it is a dish that spreads a lot , although some ingredients have a slightly higher cost, it is still an accessible dish for all budgets.


For 4 people
  • Clams1000 g
  • Potato4
  • Italian green pepper1
  • Tomato1
  • Onion1
  • Garlic clove1
  • White wine50 ml
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Fresh parsley

How to make Galician clams with cachelos

Difficulty: Easy
  • Total time40 m
  • Production20 m
  • Cooking20 m

We started by opening the clams, after having had them soak in water with a little salt to avoid the unpleasant sand. Once clean, put them in a saucepan with a finger of water and put the fire to the maximum. We are removing the clams as they open reserving them for the end of this preparation. Once we have opened all the clams, we strain the broth that we have obtained by passing it through a sieve or a filter strainer and we start with the preparation of the sofrito , the base that will give flavor to this dish.

Chop all the ingredients in brunoise and put them to sweat in a frying pan with a little oil, adding a pinch of salt to make them poke well. At first, they will release water but once it is consumed we will obtain some vegetables at their point after about 15 minutes at medium heat .

It is time to incorporate the Galician potato cachelos, cut into irregular pieces tearing the potato at the end of each cut , so that the caldito is then well locked. We lightly fry them with the sofrito and add the broth to open the clams, reinforced with 50 ml of white wine, and if necessary, a little more water to cover the potatoes.

We wait until the potatoes are tender after cooking for about 18 minutes, and when we see that when they are punctured they crumble like butter , we reincorporate the clams we had reserved, sprinkle with parsley and let the whole set a boil. We turn off, let stand for five minutes and serve immediately.

Galician clams with cachelos. Lenten and Easter Week Recipe

With what to accompany the Galician clams with cachelos

The Galician clams with cachelos are a good option for when we want a hot spoon, which comfort in these cold winter days. Accompanied with a white wine of your liking, you will not need more to enjoy a traditional recipe, ideal for Easter and Lent.

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