How to mask fatigue?

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A lot of stress, cold air and tiredness that accompanies us all during the winter cause that the complexion becomes gray in a flash, and the puffiness and the sun can be found under the eyes. In order not to look at it in the winter there are many opportunities to be the best to present, so you have to think about what we should do to look great.

The biggest enemy of the complexion

Winter has it to myself that the temperature during this period is very hesitant, and this is extremely unfavorable to the appearance of the skin. When leaving a warm room outside, where it is freezing and windy can cause really fatal consequences, and the skin will lose its good appearance. In addition, you must also remember that heating itself is very disadvantageous to your skin. This is due to the fact that the heating dries it, and moreover, may also intensify the discomforts that are associated with the bursting vessels.

Stress, sleepless nights, alcohol and cigarettes also affect the condition of your skin. If, in addition, you do not wash your make-up before going to bed, it can also make her condition worse and you will need a lot of time to deal with it. I say this from my own experience and I know what it’s like to have skin problems. None of us would want to have it and would like to spend time on entertainment. Unfortunately, you have to choose your priority, either a nice complexion or life on the edge.


If you care about the signs of fatigue being masked on your face, then you have to start basically from very drastic steps, that is, take a cold shower. Thanks to this type of treatment you will immediately feel the improvement of mood, and the skin will regain some of its splendor due to the accelerated circulation. If the treatment itself seems to be a bit too much of a challenge then you can decide to take a warm shower, but wash your face with cold water. The next step will be to wipe the skin with a tonic, but first you have to remember to put it in the fridge for a few minutes. You should put a cool compress on your eyes, although in the form of bags of brewed tea. With a cold compress you will have a moment of sleep. Then you can decide to do a few stretching exercises and please,

The correct makeup

The optical smoothing of small wrinkles and the radiance on your skin can be achieved by applying make-up, using the illuminating base as a foundation. You should warm this preparation in your hands and apply it on the face with circular movements. You should mask all types of blemishes and redness with a green concealer. As for the dark circles under the eyes, you can hide them thanks to the liquid corrector. Make sure that it is a bit lighter than the foundation you use. The next step will be applying the fluids, remember that it is not too dark. Thanks to the fact that you put it on your cheeks, you can achieve the effect of freshness. If you like the powder, choose this one that is transparent.

Try not to use strong makeup and colorful eye shadows, tired skin does not like it. It’s best to use a colorless lipstick and a brown pencil that you can embellish your upper eyelid and mascara. Try not to use the line on the lower poviat, because this will only make your tiredness more visible. If you are not able to not use the shadows, put it on delicate colors. Violet, green, gold, blue and silver will look terrible in this situation.

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