The keys to preventing injuries and diseases when exercising

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Exercise has risk of injury . Sport, competition, are at risk of injury. Getting up in the morning and having breakfast is a risk of injury. Almost any activity that is worth it, if we think about it, is at risk of injury.

Exercise puts our body in tension and challenges our mind: of course it has a risk of injury, but it is often lower than what some people think, especially if things are done well, the risk is minimized. That’s why you have to be clear about some keys to prevent injuries but exercise without fear.

  • Harmful habits out! : Exercising can be harmful. Running a marathon or finishing an Ironman can leave you touched. But do not forget that many more people get sick and die because of habits such as alcohol or tobacco. If you want to prevent a lot of illnesses, start by reducing (better eliminate) these products from your day to day.
  • Active life : You do not have to jump off the couch to run your first marathonwithout having prepared yourself in conditions, but remember that sedentary lifestyle is a real blight that causes greater risk of disease and death . You are not going to sprain or break a ligament because you do not move from the couch, but you have a higher risk of diabetes or a myocardial infarction.
  • Gym and exercise : More benefits than risks. It is true that physical activity has a risk component. It is also true that a large number of problems are due to not doing things well: training injured (something you should always avoid), not taking care of technique or intensity , overtraining … However, doing things right, the risk of injury is markedly reduced, and the benefits win by beating the risks.

Gym and training: not as dangerous as many think

Some people may think that lifting a lot of weight or training with enough intensity several times a week can cause health damage, with a high risk of injury. However, doing things well, there are quite a few studies that show that the gym is a safe place.

I propose to read this post about myths about weights and injuries , in the blog of fitnessrevolucionario, where they speak in defense of exercises such as weight muuerto and squat, and also defending the use of free weight.

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities we do every day, and often we do not pay attention. If we do not pay attention when training, it is clear that the risk of injury increases .

But training the muscles with intense stimuli, using free weight and exercises involving large muscle groups is a good idea to improve health, you just have to be interested in learning, correct errors, and consult the doubts of a professionalwho guides us and East.

Health has a price , and you have to make some effort and take a little risk to get the precious reward. However, exercise of any kind, especially if we are already talking about competitive sport, comes at a time when the demands are so great that the risk of injury can be increased.

However, for those who seek to improve and a healthy life, exercise has many more benefits and very few injuries prepared, so I think it is a fair deal. Are you agree?

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