Make-up that will enlarge your eyes!

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The make-up you have to do to enlarge the eyes is not too complicated, and it is characterized by a high degree of delicacy. Put it here for naturalness, thanks to which it will be suitable for everyday use, and with the addition of red lips will be ideal for use in the evening, for a prom or a date. You need to be aware that it is the eyes that are able to attract the most attention, which is why it is worth to make sure that the make-up looks most aesthetically.

What do you need to enlarge your eyes with make-up?

Every woman who wants to make a make-up that enlarges her eyes must be equipped with a light beige, labo white pencil on a waterline, a bright shadow must be obtained, and the best choice would be a matte brown, although the bronzer will also be suitable and false eyelashes attached .

In fact, all makeup is extremely simple and you can do it using only two brushes. The first is a small, round, which will be great to emphasize the inner corners and the bottom line of eyelashes, and a large round, which is suitable for rubbing the shadows over the collapse of your eye. Remember that false eyelashes are very important here, because they will be able to enlarge your eye and make every look will be awe-inspiring.

How to enlarge the eyes?

At the very beginning you must prepare your eyelid. Do it first, starting with the eyebrows, use cool bronze to emphasize their shape subtly. The wrong shape of the eyebrows can cause the optical reduction of the eye. Do not try to do anything by force, focus on naturalness. A bright colored pencil will be able to open the window in an optical way and compensate for the slight redness that is in its vicinity. Put a bright one in the inner corner, ideally if it is a matte shade. Then wipe from the inner corner to the center of the eyelid. With a light shade, you should also emphasize the eyelash line, which is at the bottom.

The next step will be to apply the shadows correctly. Try to choose medium brown, or put on bronzer. Apply a small round brush that will be able to emphasize your eyelid, the eyelid bend, if you do it over the collapse, the eyelid will be visually enlarged. Use a large brush to rub the brown shadow. Then pull it up and drag it to the eyebrows. The lower eyelid should be underlined using the same bronze. Disperse everything so that it overlaps with each other.

An extremely important issue when enlarging the eye are artificial eyelashes, which must not be forgotten. The choice is basically any, you can decide to apply the ones on the belt, or leave them on tufts in the outer corner. With the makeup of this type, however, the ones on the belt will work best. Try to choose those that are long, thin, rolled up and resemble your real look.

At the very end you should rub your false eyelashes and make them joined together. In such a situation, you will be able to show off with a strong effect highlighting them. After this make-up, your eyes will look much larger than before.

And what are your ways to increase your eyes? Do you use some fancy make-up? You’ve learned these methods yourself, but did anyone help you? I invite you to comment and share information because I am very interested in what you have to say.

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