How many kilometers do you have to run to burn those torrijas?

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Each season of the year has its typical sweets: at Christmas we enjoy the nougat and the roscón, at the carnival of the ears and, of course, at Easter it is impossible to pass without trying a torrija . What do they have in common? Basically they are very good and, in addition, they provide us with a large amount of calories per serving.

Without a doubt we can enjoy these sweets in moderation, but is it or is it not complicated to eat only a torrija? Perhaps if we know what it would theoretically cost us to burn it, let us take more seriously the issue of moderation with these sweets. Do you know how many kilometers you have to run to burn those torrijas?

How many calories does a torrija have?

How many kilometers do you have to run to burn those torrijas?

Calculating the calories that a torrija brings us is not an easy task : it depends a lot on the version of torrija that we make (and here each maestrillo has its booklet), on the cooking method (although it is usually frying), on the ingredients and, of course, of the accompaniment. You will not have the same calories in a microwave-fast torrijas, as you propose to us in Directo al Paladar , that the torrijas stuffed with Nutella , a recipe also from our companions.

On average we can agree that about 100 grams of French toast have between 200 and 230 calories; but of course, it is not easy to find a torrija that weighs 100 grams. Generally they tend to weigh over 200 grams, which means that in a single torrija we can consume between 400 and 460 calories per torrija . We always speak of milk torrijas, which are prepared with egg, milk, sugar and cinnamon.

If you dare with the stuffed Nutella torrijas of which we spoke before, you can add another 135 calories from the 25 grams of Nutella per torrija: in total between 535 and 595 calories per chocolate torrija.

You can also choose to prepare some torrijas a little healthier with the recipe we gave you a few days ago : with wholemeal bread and baked in the oven instead of fried, so that we can reduce the calories they give us. We are talking about 100 calories per torrija approximately: remember that they do not carry sugar or oil.

So, how long does it take to burn a torrija?

We already know that the amount of calories that are burned per hour doing sports is not universal and equal for everyone, and that depends on many factors, including height, weight, amount of muscle mass, amount of fat mass, exercise intensity, etc.

As we already did with the Christmas sweets at the time, we will focus on a single type of person to give you some standard values: a person weighing about 70 kilos that runs at 10 kilometers per hour, nothing in freestyle and riding in bike with a moderate effort and walk at a brisk pace, more or less at 6 kilometers per hour. Inside table!

STANDARD TORRIJA29.5-34 minutes33-38 minutes50-57 minutes100-115 minutes
TORRIJA WITH NUTELLA39-44 minutes44.5-49.5 minutes66-74 minutes133-148 minutes
HEALTHY FRENCH TOAST7.5-8 minutes8.5-10 minutes12.5-15 minutes25-30 minutes


But if you fancy a torrija, eat it without guilt

 How many kilometers do you have to run to burn those torrijas?

We must bear in mind that torrijas are not a sweet that we consume daily or for a long period of time , so eating a couple of torrijas during Holy Week is not going to have a negative impact on our health. Another thing would be to keep that habit throughout the year as usual, but usually not.

What we do these days is usually an exception in a healthy diet, so do not worry too much. Enjoy this sweet during these days, take care of the rest of your diet and do not stop practicing sports: this way you will not have to worry too much about the calories that the rich torrijas bring you.

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