Why do not you need a detox diet

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The days after the Christmas holidays, as well as those before the summer months, are usually the perfect time for the different media to appear in the so-called “detox diets”, “detoxifying diets or” purifying diets “ . This publicity, added to that made by certain celebrities who appear in all the photographs with their shakes in hand, at this time of year, is the perfect breeding ground for the commercial success of these diets.

However, there is no scientific evidence that this type of diet is effective, or even that we need it. Today we talk about why you do not need a detox diet , even after the abundant meals attached to Christmas parties.

How does a detox diet work?

 Why do not you need a detox diet


Detox diets start from the premise that your body is “intoxicated” by food, alcohol and other agents so present at this time of year, and that we need to reset it and get it ready to start from scratch or get back in March. Basically what they sell is the concept of “compensation” : have you put up the bars this Christmas? Nothing happens: three days with zumitos and everything solved.

Not only is part of a false premise (your body is not “intoxicated”), but also what we sell is not real (not “detoxifies” through these diets). If you want to eliminate toxins, we already have organs in the body that fulfill this function, such as the liver or kidneys .

In addition to this, detox diets fulfill all or almost all the premises of a miracle diet :

  • They are short-term diets (they do not recommend more than a week)
  • Nutrients or food groups are completely eliminated (based mostly on vegetable juices, mostly)
  • Promise a rapid weight loss
  • Many times having to buy a specific supplement (shakes, pills, etc).

Why not make a detox diet?

Why do not you need a detox diet

Simply and simply because you do not need it and because it does not work , apart from the possible collateral damage that they entail. Our body is not going to eliminate the excess calories that you have been able to accumulate in Christmas meals, for example, because of being bad for juice for a week.

Detox diets are excessively hypocaloric : I have come to see some 300 calories a day, an amount well below the basal metabolism of any person, and with the consequent deficit of nutrients. This can lead to these mentioned collateral damages such as dizziness, headaches, nausea, etc. that can also appear once we return to our usual diet.

Most of them recommend not to practice physical exercise while they are carried out: if in addition to being in such a large caloric deficit we increase it even more with sports activity the result can be dangerous.

What would be the smartest?

If you want to get “in tune” after the holidays, the best thing you can do is recover your usual routine, with a healthy diet that includes the calories you need and that brings you all the nutrient groups. And perform physical exercise regularly , including it within our lifestyle.

Easy and / or fast solutions rarely work: a healthy lifestyle is forever , and should be one of our priorities.

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