The “parental burnout” or extreme exhaustion of the parents is real, a study confirms

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Having children can be very tiring, and anyone who has them can confirm that this is a reality for most parents. Among all the pending things to do, the care of the children, the care of oneself and everything that arises on the fly, can reach a point where we feel overwhelmed.

For some years, we began to talk about the burnout syndrome in mothers , however, there was no research about it. Now, a study proves that “parental burnout” is real and that we can even experience different levels of it .

What is burnout syndrome?

The word ” burnout ” was previously used in the workplace, to refer to those people who reached the point of extreme exhaustion , also calling it “professional burnout syndrome”. According to Wikipedia , “a prolonged response of stress in the organism to the emotional and interpersonal stressors that occur in the work, which includes chronic fatigue, inefficiency and denial of what happened”.

The term began to extend to mothers, because they had many of the symptoms of burnout because of the burden that often falls on them, causing them to feel exhausted and overwhelmed. Among the symptoms of burnout syndrome are: muscle aches, recurrent headaches, insomnia, gastrointestinal disorders, anxiety, emotional isolation, feeling of frustration, as well as reluctance and desire to cry .

In fact, it is not surprising that many mothers suffer from it, since various studies have shown that the fatigue we constantly feel is due to the great physical and mental burden we carry when having children. That although it is a wonderful experience, it is still exhausting , and one in which we work 98 hours a week .

The study

The "parental burnout" or extreme exhaustion of the parents is real, a study confirms

Now, this research is the first that is responsible for analyzing and investigating burnout in both mothers and fathers, conducted through a survey organized by researchers from Belgium. In it, they confirm that burnout affects not only in the workplace, but also those who have children .

It was attended by 2,000 fathers and mothers, measuring three different levels of burnout: low, medium and high. To find the level of each participant, a series of questions were used in tests of burnout at work, but adapted to the role of parents, which included various aspects of their emotional and physical state, as well as the frequency of certain symptoms .

It was found that 56.2% of them (55.3% in the case of mothers and 62.5% in the case of parents) had a low level of burnout, 31.1% (31.8% of mothers and 25.9% of parents) they had a medium level, while 12.7% of parents (12.9% mothers and 11.6% of parents) had a high level of burnout.

Researchers consider that the presence of parental burnout in recent years is due to the fact that the pressure on parents has increased , combined with the lack of time now that fewer mothers stay at home, making the role of both parentsmore challenging. parents.

They conclude that although it is real and it is something that definitely needs to be taken into account to look for ways to avoid it , it is still necessary to do more studies that analyze this problem that many parents suffer from.

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