Perricone diet. Analysis of miracle diets (LII)

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After the feasts of the end of the year parties, many will surely try to get rid of the effects of excess, therefore, miracle diets revive in the market. So that you do not fall into bad strategies, today we perform the analysis of another miracle diet , the Perricone diet .

What is the Perricone diet?

The Perricone diet owes its name to a dermatologist who proposes this method as an anti-aging resource based on foods with certain nutrients with cosmetic effects. But in addition, it promises a weight loss of 8 kilos in just 28 days.

There is a plan for 3 days and a plan 28 days in the latter legumes and oats are included in flakes plus protein foods and much omega 3, for it not only removes bread, pasta and other grains, but They use eggs, salmon, tuna and poultry meat as well as a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that make up their plan.

It also includes some seeds and nuts in a menu consisting of 5 daily meals , which is recommended to respect to achieve more results and begins with an omelette at breakfast.

There is also a list of forbidden foods including sugar, alcohol, coffee, light refreshments, packaged juices, margarines and shortenings and flour and refined cereals is.

Perricone diet. Analysis of miracle diets (LII)

Errors of the Perricone diet

Although the Perricone diet confuses with its richness in foods of high nutritional quality, the main error of the diet is generalization or non-individualization , since a general plan is proposed for all those who wish to lose weight and look younger, regardless of nor consider particularities.

In addition, another big mistake is to include a list of forbidden foods , when in reality, there are no good or bad foods but the important thing is the quantity and frequency as well as the way in which they are consumed.

It is a rather hyperproteic diet that can induce a large weight loss, especially in those who initiate it with bad eating habits, so that it can also cause a rebound effect afterwards, since diet does not teach us to Eat everything in adequate quantities for our needs and customs.

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