How to protect ourselves from the cold to ride a bike in winter

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With the arrival of low temperatures, wind and rain, many times we are reluctant to go cycling, however, we do not have to let winter slow us down but only need to protect ourselves from the cold to ride a bike with comfort in this season.

The first thing we have to take into account is the protection of the most exposed areas and that have less movement, such as hands, neck and head, where we can protect ourselves by wearing gloves, earmuffs, hats and panties that we can climb up to the nose to cover the same of the low temperatures.

We can also use glasses to protect the eyes from the wind that will hit the face while pedaling and can cause discomfort and alter vision.

As for running , to ride a bike in winter we can dress in layers , that is, by successive clothes that we can easily remove as body temperature increases.

The first layer can be a breathable shirt, we can add a windbreaker and a jacket if necessary and take them out of the torso if we see that we experience heat after a while pedaling.

Last but not least, it is to protect the feet and legs from the cold, for this, we can use tights under a traditional or waterproof trousers and use thermal socks so that the cold does not numb the feet. If there is snow or rain, we can use boot covers to protect the shoes and that it does not get wet while pedaling.

As you can see, it’s just a question of having the right equipment and protecting ourselves from the cold to ride a bike in winter without major inconveniences and enjoying the season pedaling as we like, outdoors.

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