Runner, watch your ankles

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It is one of the weak points of the runner, the ankles . This articulation receives many and strong impacts. It is not uncommon for runners to suffer injuries to their ankles, which is why it should be one of our most pampered joints.

There are many types of injuries, but those caused by sprains or microtraumas are usually the most common. A fotalecimiento of this articulation, along with a career technique work will help us to shield the ankle in front of the injuries .

Increasing abruptly the mileage of training can overload this articulation, so it is also important that we take into account the principle of progression and not abuse of kilometers .

The type of footfall we have can also affect the discomfort or future injuries that we can develop in this area. If you notice that, frequently, your ankle or nearby areas hurt when running, you can consult a podiatrist or physio to advise you on whether the shoes you wear are appropriate or how to solve the problem.

In intense workouts such as fast series or slopes, it is advisable to do a good warm-up , moving the area little by little and putting in exercises that include some intensity in this joint: small controlled jumps or flexo-extensions with weight on top.

So, runner, do not forget to strengthen your ankles to avoid injuries when running and to improve the technique. Without a doubt, an articulation very to take into account.

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