Tencent wants your children to play more with their mobile, in exchange for homework or to improve their grades

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Tencent is a true colossus in the world of mobile video games, which is why every movement it makes is accompanied by an inevitable expansive wave that affects his competition. 10,000 million dollars of annual incomefor the Chinese company that holds the throne of the mobile market in terms of games , and that has to face serious problems.

Problems such as the addiction of young people to their video games, such as the case of an Honor of Kings about which, in China, a gambling prohibition for children under 12 weighs . Or rather, a limitation. Only one hour a day can be dedicated to Honor of Kings, although the company may have found an intelligent solution to please the parents, and at the same time continue to obtain benefits.

The contracts reach Tencent

Tencent wants your children to play more with their mobile, in exchange for homework or to improve their grades

Tencent seems to have found a way to ensure that young people can play more games, and that parents have fewer complaints about the addition of their children. And all thanks to a formula that they call Contracts and that is based on a series of achievements to achieve in real life, and that can be transformed into an increase in hours of play.

Thanks to these contracts, parents can decide what their children have to do on a daily basis to be able to exchange their shares for more hours of play . Values ​​always to be defined and controlled by parents, and which include everything from doing domestic tasks to devoting more hours to study, or even demanding certain academic results.

Thus, parents can “demand” their children to improve their grades, to devote more time to study or to do homework, and in return they will be able to play more hours with their mobile phones. The classic system of rewards that we have seen in other sectors, like in the American university leagues that so many times have been embodied in the cinema. If there are not good grades, do not play.

With Tencent’s contacts, children can exchange homework or notes in their studies for more hours of play

The new contracts have not yet been launched but have already been officially confirmed through a press conference, and in the mouth of the CEO of the company, Ma Huateng. The first game to be premiered is expected to be the aforementioned Honor of Kings , which in the international market is called Arena of Valor and which already accumulates more than 200 million monthly players and was the protagonist of the first limitations for minors of the company .

For now, the competition has not had to face limitations of this type of game. Neither King with his Candy Crush, nor Supercell with his Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Although the latter are already also property of Tencent. We will see how these contracts affect the international mobile landscape , if they finally work as the company expects.

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