Three ways to tune our homemade and healthy Nutella recipe

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One of our most successful recipes is that of Nutella or homemade cocoa and hazelnut cream, free of sugars and palm oil , which are two of the main ingredients of industrial Nutella. The truth is that when it comes to consuming this type of cream, as well as nuts ( for example peanuts or almonds ), it is always better to prepare them at home so that we are the ones who decide the ingredients that we include and the way elaboration . In addition, they usually have a quick preparation and not very tedious: they are ready to consume in less than 15 minutes.

To vary a little the traditional recipe, today we bring you three different ways of “tuning” or vary our homemade Nutella recipe , changing some ingredients to give a touch of flavor.

Homemade Nutella with avocado

In this first variation we do not change any ingredient of the original recipe, but instead we add half avocado, minced . Who would have thought that avocado and cocoa were so good? Well the truth is that they do: here you can find another recipe for avocado and chocolate mousse , in case you want to try it.

The avocado will give our homemade Nutella a creamier consistency. If you stay too “mazacote” despite having passed everything well by the blender, you can take an extra splash of vegetable drink of almonds (just make sure it does not contain added sugars ).

Homemade Nutella with extra protein

If you’re looking to add more protein to your homemade cocoa and hazelnut cream, you can substitute part of the defatted cocoa with chocolate-flavored protein powder . If in the original recipe we used three tablespoons of defatted cocoa , we can reduce it to only one, and cover the other two with chocolate protein, which you can find in most of the supplement distributors.

Three ways to tune our homemade and healthy Nutella recipe

Keep in mind that it is not going to be a “hyperproteic chocolate cream” , because very little protein is added for the whole amount of cream that we are going to get. If you have a chocolate protein that has a flavor that you like, you can even change all the cocoa defatted by the protein. It is good that we know that we have other options to add protein supplements to our diet (not only through shakes).

Homemade Nutella with almonds and coconut oil

In this case we will replace part of the hazelnuts with almonds , and we will also replace the milk with coconut oil . If in our original recipe we used 200 grams of hazelnuts, in this we can use 150 grams of hazelnuts and 50 of almonds (remember that the hazelnuts must be toasted and the almonds must be raw). The coconut oil will give a creamier consistency and a special sweetness: in fact, you may not need to sweeten it with anything else.

Try them all and tell us which one you like the most!

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