What blush should you choose?

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I do not know how you dear Lord, but on my face, always light pink is great, cheeks look healthier, and I am all the way to the rays, moreover, my face begins to look more slender. Unfortunately, this was not the case right away. I had to get a little tired of choosing the right blush to suit my complexion. The consistency of a given cosmetic must be matched to the skin of your face, otherwise you will have a lot of problems with it, additionally supplement the knowledge about the appropriate techniques associated with the application of cosmetics. Thanks to all this you will learn how to apply the roses.

The weight of shades is able to be problematic for a really wide range of women, and this is because the choice is really a lot and the type of pink is extremely diverse. The preparation can be found in loose, stone, cream, gel, foam or sticks. In such a situation, it is worth considering what solution will be the most beneficial

Blush to match the complexion

Women have oily skin and acne should primarily avoid heavy products that contain oily substances, as a result of which can lead to clogging of the pores and creating an effect of incredibly strong shine. A similar effect can be obtained by using preparations that have a large amount of luminous particles. It’s best to use a pink which has a light consistency, that is, loose, or in stone will be a great solution, because of the matt finish.

Normal and mixed skin gives the possibility of using virtually all types of pink, which is an extra advantage. However, it should be noted that preparations in the form of cream, gel, foam, stick and spray will last much longer than those that are pressed and loose. In addition, you need to be aware that not enough, which woman has such a complexion.

For dry skin the best decision will be to shine and moisturize. Try to choose these roses, which are in the form of a cream, stick or gel, so that they will be able to naturally brighten your face. If you really want to use a cosmetic in a stone form, try to choose one that will contain glistening particles.

If you have skin that is characterized by a problem with cracking capillaries and has a tendency to a natural type of erythema, a much better solution will be to abandon the application of blush, which will make it much more visible imperfections that are visible on the skin.

How to apply the roses?

All kinds of pink should be used in a moderate way so as not to get a mask effect. As for the color, it should be chosen under the skin and lips color. If your skin is bright, or apply bright lipsticks, try to choose pink shades, if you have a more tanned skin and you like a lot of painted lips, choose peach shades. When applying the cosmetic, smile lightly or pull in your cheeks. Thanks to that, you will have cheekbones lines drawn on your face and you should put on the color along them. Remember to do it with the movement from the temple.

  • Loose and stone – have minerals, as a result of which the preparation is light. Apply them with a large, slanted and cut brush. At the very beginning, take on the pink, scrub the applicator with too much of the cosmetic and apply the constant movement from the temple.
  • Cream – It resembles apple texture. You will find there not only dyes, but moisturizing substances like glycerin, which will enhance the healthy and fresh appearance of the skin. You can apply them with your fingers, or by choosing a flat, bevelled brush. Use the cosmetic and pat it in your skin gently.
  • Gel – Thanks to nourishing oils it has a smooth consistency. You can apply it to the cheeks, but also to lightly podkoloryzowaniu your lips. Apply a little gel to the outside of your hand. Get some fingertips and gently pat the cheekbones and blend.
  • Stick – additionally has nutrients, minerals and humidifiers. All you need to do is use the point stick and rub it.
  • Foam – It has a smoothing base, emollients and humidifiers. You can apply it with your fingers or brush and rub with circular movements on the cheeks.

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